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          Punjab State has an area of 50362 sq.km. comprising of 12278 inhabited villages and 161 towns. The administration of the State is governed through five divisions comprising of 22 districts, 82 tehsils and 146 blocks. 70% of the State population depends on agriculture and remaining 30% live in urban areas. Punjab State, besides supporting a large human population of 2crore 77 lacs (2011 census) also supports a large population of Cattle & Buffaloes. As per the live-stock census carried out in the State in 2012, there are 24.28 lac cattle and 51.60 lac buffaloes in the state. Out of this, the breed-able cows and breed-able buffaloes are 12.37 lac and 26.89 lac respectively. Punjab is a major milk producing State in the country with an annual milk production of 112.19 lac tons during the year 2016-17. It contributes about 7 % of the total milk production of the country though it has less than 2% of total cattle and buffalo population of the country. The per capita availability of milk in Punjab is 1135 grams which is highest in the country. With poultry population of about 7.18 crore, its annual egg production is 4783 million eggs with per capita availability of 155 eggs which is also the highest in the country. Annual meat production is 248.84 thousand tons. Besides this, state is also producing 4.90 lac kilo-grams of wool. So Animal Husbandry is contributing about 13% of the state GDP.

          As for as infra-structure of the department is concerned, 1367 Veterinary Hospitals and 1489 Veterinary Dispensaries are functioning in the state. Besides 22 Polyclinics are also functioning. Two Frozen Semen Banks at Nabha and Ropar have been established. One Cattle and one Buffaloe Breeding Farm, one Sheep Breeding Farm,one Rabbit Breeding Farm, two Poultry Breeding Farms and four Pig Breeding Farms are also functioning. Two fodder seed production farms at Kulemajra (Patiala) and Mattewara (Ludhiana) have also been established. Besides this,one Regional Disease Diagnostic Lab.(Jalandhar) and one Veterinary Vaccine Institute at Ludhiana are also working in the state.

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