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Pig Breeding Farm Malwal, Ferozpur

       Pig Breeding Farm Malwal,Ferozpur is situated at Malwalvillage 5 km from FerozpurCantton MogaFerozpur Road. Farm is spread over 4 acres including one acre agricultural land for fodder cultivation for animals.

       The total capacity of the farm is 100 breedable sows. It has four different sheds for farrowing, pregnant and dry sows, and for sucklers,weaners,boars etc. matching the requirements as per its full capacity of 100 breedable sows.Beside this, the farm has quarters for skilled labour, office and feed store facility.The whole boundary of the farm is guarded by Pakka wall with only one gated entery to check " in and out movement" of the visitors and vehicles.

       Presently the farm is maintaining 50 breedable sows, 6 boars and 102 sucklers. Soon the farm will start working to its full capacity to meet the increasing demand of piglets in Punjab.

       In 2017-2018,we supplied  498 piglets at subsidised rate to the farmers of Punjab interested to start New Pig Farms. we also trained 415 pig farmers to update their knowledge so  that they can earn more profit by adopting latest techniques and by meeting various production parameters set by experts. We are expecting to supply 650 piglets to the farmers in 2018-19.We have also raised the bar in traing activity and we have set a target to train 550 farmers in 2018-19.



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