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Centre Of Excellence On Cattle Development Nabha Road Rauni, Patiala.



               This Farm is situated in Centre of Excellence on Cattle Development Nabha Road Rauni, Patiala. Here breeding of H.F, Jersey, Sahiwal, Gir and Cross Bred cows is done and high pedigree male calves are produced for breeding in Semen Banks of Punjab Govt. This farm is equipped with state of the art machinery such as scrappers for cleaning sheds, milking parlor for milking the animals, TMR for feeding and Bio gas plant for disposal of dung.


Rashtriya Gokul Mission component at Centre of Excellence on Cattle Development has a total herd of 349 Indigenous cows comprising 199 Sahiwal and 150 Gir animals to achieve following objectives.

      To undertake breed improvement programme for indigenous cattle breed so as to improve their genetic makeup and increase their stock

         To enhance milk production and productivity of indigenous cattle

         To upgrade non-descript cattle using elite indigenous breeds like Sahiwal, Girl etc.

         To distribute disease free elite bulls of indigenous breeeds having high genetic potential

         Scientific rearing of heifers for future performance

         Rearing of calves under standard conditions & scientific feeding for best future performance


               Livestock section component at Centre of Excellence on Cattle Development has a total herd of 150 animals comprising 96 HF , 09 Jersey and 45 HFC animals . Here 100% artificial insemination of HF herd with semen of imported elite bulls is carried out. There is well defined breeding policy for HF, HFC and Jersey cows.  Well aerated  thermo- regulated sheds,  regular herd monitoring via use of pedometers and state of the art techniques of animal rearing are the hallmark features of livestock section.


               A latest embryo transfer lab is present is the complex where elite indigenous and cross bred cows are flushed for embryos which are transferred to the animals of the farm and dairy farmers. Bio security measures are maintained in the farm to keep the animals in a disease free environment.


               State level Semen distribution centre is distributing semen to all the districts of Punjab and some other states after bringing it from semen banks of Punjab ie. Nabha and Ropar. An automatic feed processing plant prepares feed for different categories of animals which are kept at various farms of Animal Husbandry Department, Punjab.


               Feed Processing Centre Rauni Patiala is the nodal centre for preparation & supply of concentrate feed of cattle, buffalo, poultry, goats and pigs to various farms of Punjab


            Integrated goat farm is present in Kulemajra having a capcity to keep 300 goats. Here beetle breed of goat is bred and male kids thus produced will be supplied to the farmers.


               Punjab veterinary training institute at Nabha Road Rauni, Patiala is designed to impart refresher training to veterinary officers, inspectors and private  artificial insemination  workers. Modern lecture halls, Hostel facility and various Guest rooms are present at institute for technical and adm care of trainees. The institute also organise camps to make dairy farmers aware about departmental schemes and  activites and imparts knowledge to dairy farmers about rearing  of animals.


Contact :-

Posted Officers:

Dr. Baljit Singh Brar,
Deputy Director,(A.H.),Patiala
0175-2970225 9988580897 ddahpatiala@gmail.com

Semen Distribution Centre

Sr No Name Designation Mobile No Email ID
1 Dr Anand Kumar Veterinary Officer 9855422260 anand_k38@gmail.com

Rashtriya Gokul Mission Rauni Patiala

Sr No Name Designation Mobile No Email ID
1 Dr Gurbakhs Singh Gill Veterinary Officer 9417343765 drgurbaksh1972@gmail.com

Livestock Section  Rauni Patiala

Sr No Name Designation Mobile No Email ID
1 Dr Gurjeet Singh Veterinary Officer 8054932102 kalyan.v.o@gmail.com

Integrated goat station kullemajra

Sr No Name Designation Mobile No Email ID
1 Dr Rohtash Mittal Veterinary Officer 9872642211 drrohtashm@gmail.com

  Feed Processing Centre Rauni Patiala

Sr No Name Designation Mobile No Email ID
1 Dr Sanjay Sharma Veterinary Officer Incharge Feed Processing Centre 9988303051 drsanjaydoahd@gmail.com

ETT Section

Sr No Name Designation Mobile No Email ID
1 Dr Gagandeep Kaushal Veterinary Officer 9646924400 gagandeepkaushal74@gmail.com
2 Dr Kanwaranoop Kler Veterinary Officer 9888712299 kanwarkler@gmail.com
Dr Krishna Kumar Veterinary Officer 9023927046 raj2009KK@gmail.com

Sr. No.DistrictName of OfficerDesignationWorking on PostMobile No.Email
1 PATIALA DR Baljit Singh Brar Assistant Director Deputy Director
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