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State Animal Health Institute/Northern Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (NRDDL) Jalandhar

Northern Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (NRDDL) Jalandhar

NRDDL, Jalandhar provides below mentioned laboratory animal health diagnostic services:

1.      Diagnosis of various diseases of livestock and poultry in northern region of India including Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi and Chandigarh.
2.      To impart disease diagnostic related trainings to veterinarians and paravets regarding diagnosis of livestock diseases.
3.      To investigate animal and poultry disease outbreaks in the northern region of India.
4.      To evaluate semen of bulls from various semen stations for sexually transmitted disease.
5.      Surveillance and monitoring of national and international significant disease like; BSE, Bird Flu, FMD etc.

Pathology Laboratory:   

•    To conduct post-mortem of large and small animals.
•    Histopathological diagnosis of diseases.
•    Referral laboratory for BSE testing and surveillance.
•    Complete blood cell count and urine analysis.
•    To test brain samples for diagnosis of rabies.

Microbiology Laboratory:

•    Culture sensitivity test against different bacterias identified from mastitis milk and uterine discharge etc.
•    Microbiological investigation of visceral samples received from field outbreaks.
•    Water quality testing through coli farm load.

Parasitology Laboratory:

•    Testing of faecal samples for parasitic load
•    Testing of heamoprtotozoan among animals
•    Testing of skin samples

Poultry Pathology Laboratory:

•    Diagnosis of poultry diseases by post-mortem examination
•    Diagnosis of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) by lateral flow kits PCR technique.
•    Investigation of poultry droppings.
•    Sero surveillance for Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

ELISA Laboratory:

•    Serological analysis of various diseases like; PPR, Render Pest, Bird Flu, IBR, Brucellosis etc.

Veterinary Biochemistry Laboratory:

•    Various biochemical parameters like Liver and kidney function test, mineral concentrations of calcium phosphorus etc from serum of different animals.

Veterinary Public Health Laboratory:

•    STD testing of elite bulls of different semen stations.
•    Brucellosis and Compylobacteriosis testing
•    TB and JD testing of animals
•    Brucellosis testing in Vet and Paravet staff

Nutrition Laboratory:
•    Poultry and livestock feed testing
•    Micro and macro nutrients testing in feeds
•    Analysis of aflatoxins and other mycotoxins in feed
•    Guidance to farmers regarding balanced feed formulation.

Gynaecology Laboratory:
•    Evaluation of semen for breeding purpose
•    Diagnosis and treatment of various gynaecological problems among animals.
•    Guidance regarding synchronization of estrous cycles among lactating animals.

Toxicology Laboratory:

•    Detection of different toxicities in feed and fodders
•    Detection of different toxicities like nitrate cyanide etc among animals

FMD Laboratory:

•    To investigate foot and mouth lesions FMD suspected samples for stereotyping of virus.
•    To monitor antibody titters in animal post vaccination.
•    DIVA analysis of FMD in animals.      

Molecular Laboratory:

•    PCR diagnosis of various diseases like; Bird Flu and IBR.

Forensic Meat Testing Laboratory: 

•    Testing of meat samples (submitted under FIR) for cow or cow progeny testing under “Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act” by molecular techniques.

Sr.No. Name of Officer Designation Working on Post Mobile No e-mail ID
1 Dr Ranjit Singh Sandhu Asstt. Director, Animal Production Joint Director, RDDL, Jal   9888418180 nrddl2001@gmail.com
2 Dr Rupinder Singh Kanwar Vety. Officer Toxicologist     98889-01019 rupykanwar@gmail.com
3 Dr Mukesh Mittal Vety. Officer Poultry Pathologist   99882-31317 mmittal818@gmail.com
4 Dr Charanjeet Sarangal Vety. Officer Bacteriologist   92165-00165 channidr@gmail.com
5 Dr Gagandeep Bangar Vety. Officer Gynaecologist 94178-97151 gagan86bangar@gmail.com
6 Dr Deepak Bhatia Vety. Officer Vety. Public Health Officer 98155-10584 vetbhatia@yahoo.co.in
7 Dr Shivani Vety. Officer Pathologist   98146-96399 shivani09july@gmail.com
8 Dr Devendra Gupta Vety. Officer Nutritionist 95309-45115 devludhiana87@gmail.com
9 Dr Gaurav Sharma Vety. Officer Jr. Epidemiologist   99884-32267 saankhyan@gmail.com
10 Dr Anu Dhiman Vety. Officer Parasitologist   79868-03746 anu.matharu1990@gmail.com

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