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Innovative Pig Breeding Centre Gurdaspur

          Innovative Pig Breeding Centre Gurdaspur is situated at village Sadda  9 km away from city Gurdaspur, on Gurdaspur - Dorangla road. This pig farm isconstructed in 41 kanal area. This pig farm has four sheds. Each shed is having  capacity of 60 sows . Presently we are having 19 boars, 110 sows and around 65 piglets. In this farm we feed green fodder and dry feed to the animals which we receive from Rauni Feed Proceeding Centre, Patiala.

          This farm is based on modern technology where automatic waterers, feeders of stainless steel, farrowing crates for pregnant sows for delivery, quarantine shed, training hall for training of farmers and above all biosecurity is of utmost importance. In this pig farm we give training to the farmers and help them to start new pig farm. We sell piglets at subsidy to the farmers and help them to earn.

Contact :-

Dr Saket Sharma, (Veterinary Officer) 

Mobile No. 9914245946,
Email id -  saketvet@yahoo.co.in
Innovative Pig Breeding Centre,
Gurdaspur-Dorangla Road, Village Sadda.
Distt. Gurdaspur.

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