Punjab Livestock Improvement Rules,1958


Title of the rules, regulations, orders,bye-laws Punjab Livestock Improvement Rules,1958
Date of enforcement of the Act under which the Rules, regulations, orders,bye-laws,have been framed. 1st September, 1961
Date of publication of rules, regulations, orders , bye-laws in the Govt. Gazette. 22nd April,1958
Date of lying of the rules regulations, orders,bye-laws on the table of the house, if there is a provision in the Act. There was no provision in the Punjab Livestock Improvement Act,1953 under which these rules were framed for being placed on the table of the house.
Remarks --

Chandigarh: dated the 22nd May,1959

No.3889-vety-59/2541 :- In excercise of the Powers confered by section 17 of the Punjab Livwstock Improvement Act,1953,tyhe Governor of Punjab is pleased to make the following rules, the same having beenpublished with Punjab Government notification No.846-vety.58/479, dated the 22nd april 1958:-


  1. Short title

  • These rules may be called the Punjab Livestock improvement rules,1958.

  1. For the purpose of section 2(b) of the Punjab Livestock Improvement Act.,1953,(herein after reffered to as "the Act") an uncastrated male calf of the age of two years and six months or above shall be regarded as a bull.

  2. Every person, who , in any local area to which the Act applies keeps any bull which is not branded with a distinguished mark,shall/give intimation thereof to the Livestock Officer within fifteen days, and where a bull is brought into such area after the enforcement of the Act there in, then write within fifteen days from the date on which bull is brought into that area.

  3. Immideatly after the bull has been certified as approved under section 6 of the Act , the Livestock Officer of the Local area(other than the Director) shall/apprise the Deputy Director or District Animal Husbandry Officer concerned of such approval.The bull shall be caused to be branded by the Veterinary Assistant or Veterinary Assistant Surgeon with mark "A" on the left hand thigh except when the bull is supplied from the government Livestock Farm,Hissar.

  4. If, after inspection, the Local Veterinary Assistant or Veterinary Assistant Surgeon is satisfied that the bull is unserviceable for breeding purposes in a local area , he shall report the matter to the Deputy director and the District Animal Husbandry officer concerned and upon hearing from the latter, he shall castrate the bull immideatly so as to render it unserviceable for breeding purposes, and if any such bull is branded with mark "A" it shall be crossed with mark "X".

    1. For the purposes of the Act the Livestock Officer of the local area or any other officer of the Animal Husbandry Department authorised in this behalf by him, shall have the power at all resonable times to enter and inspect at any time of the day before sun-set and after sun-rise any house,land or building or other place in which or in respect whereof he has reason to suspect that a bull is kept or possessed.
    2. Such officer before entering shall, if required ,by the owner or occupant of the place or person iuncharge of the bull or land, house,place or building state in writing , his intension and reason or reasons for entering and inspecting the Animal and the owner shall there upon witout demuror obstruction allow him to perform his duties under this Act.

    7. The Livestock Officer concerned of the local area shall maintain a register in the following form :-

    Register of approved stud cow/buffalo bulls maintained in the Civil Veterinary Hospital________________ Tehsil______________ District________________.


S.No. Name of the owner or keeper of the bull with full address Age when branded Date of branding of marking Price Desription marks Height Girth Length Place of location Remarks
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