Punjab Livestock Development Board Rules, 2001




1.       The name of the Society is ‘The Punjab Livestock Development Board.’ 

2.       The Registered Office of the Society will be situated in Punjab. 

3.      The objects for which the Society is established are ;  


i)        To perform the functions of the Principal Implementing Agency in the state for the implementation of State Cattle and Buffalo Breeding Project under the aegis of National Project on Cattle and Buffalo Breeding. 

ii)       To act as a nodal agency to supplement the efforts of the Animal Husbandry Deptt. in allround development of the Livestock and Dairy Sector in Punjab on modern scientific and commercial lines. 

iii)      To implement Central Sector/Centrally Sponsored Schemes or other schemes as decided by the Govt. from time to time. 

iv)      To progressively bring under organized breeding operations all breedable female cattle and buffalo in the state. 

v)       To arrange doorstep delivery  of Artificial Insemination services state wide. 

vi)      To enforce prescribed quality standards for breeding bulls, frozen semen, semen production laboratories and A.I. services and guarantee quality assurance action all aspects of the artificial insemination system. 

vii)     To create and conserve population of the elite breeding stock of Murrah, Nili Ravi and Sahiwal breeds and to produce proven bulls for the continuous and regular supply to the A.I. system through herd book registration, on progeny testing ad open nucleous breeding system. 

viii)    training at all levels-inseminators, trainers and professionals as part of the total quality assurance efforts-training to encompass technical, managerial and extension aspects. 

ix)      To establish and organize extension network for popularization of artificial insemination and other breeding aspects amongst the farmers. 

x)       To undertake any activity for the develop of livestock in the state for increased production of milk, meat and eggs through the provision of such technical inputs as improving the productivity of livestock by cross breeding and other facilities for fodder  production, supply of improved fodder seeds, establishment of disease control and Veterinary aid centre, supply of veterinary biological products like vaccines and diagnostic material, to act as agent for the state Govt. in all matters relating to livestock in the state to aid/advise/assist in any manner for the development of livestock to the state Govt. to acquire, establish meat rendering units, Carcass Utilisation plants, Veterinary Biologicals production units, slaughter houses, cold stores ; Warehouses, workshop and other services required for buying, testing grading, processing, manufacturing, packing, storing and marketing of livestock products.  To import animals and genetic material and their trading.  

xi)      to acquire/take on lease/establish, maintain and operate semen banks,   bull stations, bull mother farms and livestock farms. 

xii)     To plan and formulate policies for quick genetic upgradation and development of livestock where necessary, by arranging for transfer of technology from abroad with Government of India’s prior approval.

(xiii)   To undertake any activity aimed at export of Livestock and Livestock products and to provide assistance of any kind to enhance the scope of export of Livestock and Livestock products.

(xiv)   To plan and execute programmes of high level education, research and training in Animal Husbandry and Livestock Technology.

(xv)    To secure funds from the State Government and other agencies within and/or from outside the country. 


i)        To establish, acquire, maintain and operate industries for the manufacture of all types of feeds, including poultry, cattle, pigs and sheep feeds and fabrication  of equipment and machinery relating thereto and allied appliances and to sell distribute, import, export and transport such feeds, products, equipment etc. 

ii)       To undertake market research activities related to Livestock sector and create a reliable data-base.

 iii)      To develop and implement a suitable information technology programme for the development of Livestock sector.

 iv)               To carry out construction and repair of buildings.              

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